Health Coach based in Miami,
Certified in Holistic Health

My proposal goes beyond diet and exercise. I specialized in women's health to help them heal their relationship with their body.

Belleza Hormonal

New book Hormonal beauty

Discovering the mysterious universe of hormones in my body

Health Coach

Actress, TV Host and much more

"Nothing is more motivating than knowing why you get up every day"


CoFounder of
Terra Mística

Several years ago my interest began to approach plants, nature and all its beauty.
I learned to value and take care of myself in a respectful and conscious way.

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Where do I find your recipe ebook?


What are your beauty products and where do I find them?


Why are products in dollars?

All our products are in US dollars since we are a company constituted in the United States and we operate from here.

Do you ship to Colombia?

Yes, we ship to the whole country for a value of $7 usd

How do I subscribe to the exercise channel?

The first thing to do is search my profile the link that says subscription. that will take them to the page of ¡is very easy! Once they have completed their subscription, they will have immediate access to exercise routines and healthy eating tips


Model, TV Host and Actress


This is a place created for inspiration and dedicated to inner work that supports people to recognize their true potential, to heal and transform in order to live a fuller and more empowered life.

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