A look at who I am

My History

"Your interior is the source of your strength and wisdom."

My History
What do I propose

My purpose in this full Universe, here and now, is to live and share with you an aligned, courageous and full life.

A responsible and consistent life with who I really am; that respect and honor the body.


In 2016 I started my studies as a health coach, becoming certified as a personal trainer, yoga teacher, health coach with a specialization in hormones and healthy gut.

Only this passion for a quiet life, this true clinging to what you want, believe and feel, is what in turn allows us to open paths, investigate possibilities, clear spaces to renew, create and dream.

My Story

I grew up in a sacred environment of love and respect for nature. My mother spent whole hours in her garden, watering, planting and talking to her plants; my father walking through the mountains, replanting bushes, looking for water springs, breathing in the damp smell of moss and tree bark; and in the lonely night, looking at the sky, to see the "night star"

I grew up understanding that we are part of the same Nature, that we must be loving and responsible and not indifferent to it. This made me sensitive to the song of the birds, to the smell of the forest, the mountain, breathing nature gives me peace, relaxes me, brings me back to my childhood. From there my inspiration was born to find balance and establish a healthy relationship with my body and my environment.

In 2016 I left my country and the city where I grew up and where I built my artistic career as a model, actress and presenter, to build a new life, with more freedom, more space.

Quite simply, I needed to lead a calmer, fuller, healthier life and where every day I would verify, with immense joy, that "life is beautiful when we strive with body and soul to make it beautiful".

My Mision

The Mission is confused with the Purpose. For some reason, we often ask ourselves: what is the most appropriate? what am i good at? what is my purpose? what does life mean? what meaning does life have for me? And what is the Mission that I came to accomplish? Does that purpose have anything to do with why we're here?

Or with the existence of a transcendent soul that helps us to embrace daily life with greater awareness, with discernment, with passion, with inner peace for the benefit of humanity?

Each one of us was born with a unique purpose, the reason why we are here is because we all have something to share with the world, and that is what makes us human, what enlightens us, what motivates and excites us. in life, the way we share that positive energy with our environment, and with our lives, is decisive.