"Test your courage, that vital force that comes from your heart, that brings you closer to your true natural and feminine essence."

Private Sessions

Private Sessions

During the coaching sessions we will work to build a relationship based on trust. I am here for you to share your goals and frustrations with me so that I can find the path that allows me to accompany you in your learning and transformation process.

DURATION: 60 min

PRICE: 90usd

The 3 Powers

An exclusive Personalized Training Program that shows you that in 6 months, you can change your health and lifestyle.

The program works on the 3 fundamental pillars of health: Body, Mind and Energy

DURATION: 6 months (2 meetings per month)

Online Courses

Get certified in IIN

Created by the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, this program is designed to certify you as a Health Coach and start a learning path oriented towards comprehensive health and wellness.

Throughout the course you will learn the foundations of holistic health and everything that influences our physical and emotional well-being: from the food we eat to the relationships we have.


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Natural beauty

Discover a universe of self-care and well-being to fully enjoy a healthy, conscious and fulfilling lifestyle.

Through a deep process of introspection, we can get closer to a reality in which all those facets that we carry inside coexist - mother, partner, professional and friend - in a plane marked by infinite wisdom.

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