01 Jun 2022


The truth is that we could not exist without the reality of being in the present: it is what allows us to remember what we are doing while we are lost in thousands of thoughts.

The present is the here and now. The conscious present is an imperative that allows us to think, observe, experience and live in this world, perceiving and feeling the actions of the present.

We should be able to live in the present without constantly attending to thoughts of the past, without the worries that thinking about the future generates and recognizing only a small fraction of what is happening in the present, without knowing if we like what we are experiencing, we like or dislike.

Mindfulness is accepting the flow of the experiences that are taking place, it is awakening the ability to connect with the present and delve into the feelings and sensations of existence.
• It is paying attention intentionally, without judging or forcing our actions.
• It is to strengthen that relationship of what we are, do and feel.
• It is learning to be realistic, to see ourselves as our own teachers who are there to heal any pain, stress or illness or any challenge that arises in our lives.

A life with less worry about what happened or what could happen in this life. Mindfulness takes care of our body, mind and spirit in an integral way. It is responsible for helping us regain our balance.

Think better, eat better, sleep better by practicing mindfulness in your life. Trust what you have planned for your life.

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