01 Jun 2022

My Purpose

When we talk about the mind and body connection, it is because there is a spiritual practice that allows you to become ONE with the universe.

My Purpose
This only happens if we have a vital rhythm that allows us to have our inner life, our faculties, our limitations, our pains, our joys under control; a fair balance between our qualities and defects.

The word well-being not only encompasses fun and proper nutrition, but also self-care practices, exercise, meditation and contemplation, which live in constant interaction and constant movement, and the mere fact of having an open mind , allows us to see what our body needs and when it needs it. Becoming the reflection of the Nature in which we live and the way we look at the world.

The purpose is like a light at the end of the road to which we have to lead without losing control, allowing life to propel us in that direction, without allowing ourselves to be sidetracked or get off the path, to which we are exposed many times out of fear, for not leaving our comfort zone, for letting ourselves be carried away by the opinions of others, making us believe that this path is wrong, or for thinking that the wrong life makes more sense.

The universe will always seek to align itself with our lives, so if we begin to notice that obstacles are crossed, that cracks are opening, that there are landslides and blockages, they are most certainly there, not to harm us but quite the opposite: it is perhaps to warn us that there is not the way.

The more we move away from our purpose, the universe begins to manifest itself with blows telling us that we are not aligned, that this is not our truth, and we begin to feel desolate, lost, anguished, for long periods of time.

And unfortunate events may appear in life and that is when life and the universe shake us, to remind us that we are not listening to it, that we need to adopt new habits in our lives, so we reach decisive moments, that is why the changes.

The change of direction to be able to move forward, only if we are in listening mode, we are allowed to identify mistakes, and understand our imbalances.

When we feel some kind of blockage, when we are not being ourselves, neither authentic nor genuine, which is the true Karma, it is when we cannot share our gifts or take the wheel to go towards our life purpose, which is our true Dharma. .

So the reflection here is to think about how you are living your life: as a series of disjointed events?... or as a series of synchronous events?

And it may be difficult at first, that we notice a bit of resistance, because we live in a certain way, or because fears are embedded in our soul, or because we feel that life does not belong to us.

What decision could you make right now to go in the direction of your Dharma, to that purpose for which you are in this life?

How can you build a life in harmony, aligned with your purposes?

Express to the universe how much your existence matters to you. You are here because you give value, and because you come to share your gifts and talents with the world around you.
My Purpose

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